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Hi everybody,
this is Pretty Happy Links section. We are subset to Pretty Happy Things (yeayy! we are moving forward) that will help us and our customer reduce shopping search time. And the most important is to assist our pretty neighbourhoods who have limited budget or almost zero budget to advertise their presence/business online. And this service is FREE.

We practise two ways of linking services. First is text link under business category; which you just need to send us your <Blogshop/Online Shop Name> and <Shop Category> (please refer category section below, thank you). Secondly using image link with specific size requested below;

To promote your site, please email us your ad/logo/links;
size 200 pixel height and 122 pixel width to

Of course, you may choose more than two categories and both ways to promote your blogshop. And again, this service is FREE. So why wait?

Much Love and Happy Linking,


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